To The One Who’s Afraid Of Getting Closer

Even though you we live in the same city,
we go months without seeing each other
and when I see you, you’re always distant,
you’re always cold even when the sun is out.

We don’t always call each other
but somehow I know what you’re up to.
Somehow I know what’s happening in your life.
Sometimes I feel like an outsider with all your secrets.

And sometimes you drink a little
and your eyes tell a different story.
Your vulnerable voice tells me you hate this distance.
Your body tells me you’re afraid of getting closer.

And I try to reassure you by holding you.
It’s like I’m telling you don’t hesitate to be near.
Don’t doubt my feelings for you
but then you sober up and push me away.

And I’m tired of trying to bridge the gap between us
when you keep stretching it.
I’m tired of trying to interpret your actions
when all I get is your resounding silence.

But I still think you’re closer to me
than the one who holds my hand.
And maybe if you stop pretending
you’ll end up next to me.

Because I still believe that this distance
is nothing but an illusion we both created
to protect ourselves, but we both know
that we suck at guarding ourselves from each other

And one day you’ll come closer and we’ll meet halfway.


Hello Everyone,

Over the course of my life, I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies: Cricket, tennis, Badminton, listening Music, playing Guitar and just to name a few. But none of them have changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as writing something and the other. Writing on Life, challenges in life, Love, Betrayed, Hurts, Romance, Death, Shayaris, Songs and so on. In almost too many ways to count, it has changed me and the way I live my life.

Few points why I have started with my blog (Even If I am Not a Writer):-

  • To become a better writer.
  • It helps to learn new things.
  • It create challenges in me.
  • To become a better thinker.
  • To live a more intentional life.
  • To develop an eye for meaningful things.
  • To live a healthier life habits.
  • To meet new people.
  • To inspire others.
  • To become more comfortable being known.
  • To serve as a personal journal.
  • To become more confident.
  • To find a platform to recommend.
  • To develop Positive thinking.

Hope you all are ready to read all my upcoming blogs on the regular basis or whenever I post the new blog.