EditLove Apart

Teri tasveer ko dekhte dekhte.. meri taqdeer badal gayi…

Teri tasveer ko dekhte dekhte.. meri taqdeer badal gayi..

tu kuch na keh payi aur mein kuch na samaj paya…

Aur mein kuch na keh saka aur tu kuch na samaj payi… 

Lekin aaj esa waqt aaya hai ki tu kisi aur ki ho gayi aur mein kisi ka na ho paya….




Magic Of Your Love!!!

I’ve seen historical monuments

I’ve seen the rainbow skies

But nothing is as beautiful

As the magic in your eyes

I’ve heard songs of love

From the morning birds

But nothing is music to me

Like the sound of your words

I’ve experienced God and his angels

A baby’s smile I’ve known

But nothing is as pure to me

As the heart that you own

By, Dikshit


Don’t Let Her Go If U Really Love Her!!!

If you love her, let her go.’ Why is that a saying? Why is that something we quote, hang on our walls, save to our Pinterest boards?

I’m going to have to push back  against the thought that someone who truly loves you will let you go. See, that thinking is foolish.

If you really love someone, if your heart is caught up and wrapped around a person, why on earth would you let them go? Why on earth would you say goodbye and watch from a distance, as they fall into the arms of someone else?

Maybe the whole idea is that true love comes back, and if you set it free, it returns. I do believe in the truth of that statement, in the sense that people who are meant to be together will find a way to each other. But does that mean I want someone who truly loves me to part ways with me, to move on? Does that mean I want the man who has mad feelings for me to simply pretend he doesn’t, in hopes that one day we’ll fall back into one another’s arms?

Absolutely not. That makes no sense.

When you love someone, you don’t let them go. You tell them, you pursue them, you care for them.

When you love someone, you don’t simply walk when times get tough. You don’t push them away for fear of getting too close or being broken. You don’t doubt yourself and your relationship, and therefore tell them to find what they’re looking for in someone else.

You don’t leave, hoping that one day you’ll find them again. Because love doesn’t work like that.

What if the person you let go isn’t looking for anyone else, but now has to, because they have no other choice? What if you tell them to go, and they eventually move on, and suddenly neither of you is truly happy? Or what if they find happiness? Then what?


What if you lose out on a beautiful relationship, simply because you were too scared to take a chance?

If you love someone, tell them—that’s easy, that’s something we can all do. But what about pursuing someone you love, even when times are tough? Even when life hasn’t been easy? Even when you’ve fought and hurt one another so deeply? What then?

Do you have the courage to love? Or are you too quick to let them go, to fall into the temporary mentality of this world?

If you love her, you don’t leave her. It’s as simple as that.

It’s working on your problems, together. It’s fighting through the crap and drama and pain to find what first brought you together, and making that come alive again. It’s believing that your love is stronger, that your connection is real, that you don’t have to ‘see if you were meant to be’ by parting ways until you fall back into each other again—instead, you can work on your relationship right now.

Loving is not synonymous with leaving or letting go.

Love is present, is challenge, is learning, is finding a way to make it work. Love is not watching the woman you love slip out of your grasp—it’s hanging on and fighting against this world, hand-in-hand.


By, Dikshit


Khud ke liye Aazaadiyan dhundne nikle hain,
Lekin jaana keen raaston pe hai yeh pata nahin!!!

Khudke Nishaan chodna chahtein hai har kadam ke saath,
Lekin pehla kadam kahaan rakhen yeh kabhar hi nahin!!!

Manzilon pe aakar aksar jawab de jaatein hai hoslien,
Lekin khudse bekabhar itne hai ki manzilon ka pata hi nahin!!!

Rago mein lahoo daudta hai apna roshini banker,
Lekin phir bhi andheron se kyun darte hai pata hi nahin!!!

Har zameen Har Aasmaan pe naam ho hamara aisi khwashish hai,
Lekin kis zameen kis aasmaan ke saath rahte hai ye khabar hi nahin!!!

Puchte hai koi pata mere ghar toh keh dete hain beghar hai hum,
Jab pura mulk hi apna ghar hai toh har ghar ka pata dena sahi nahi!!!

Ranjisian iss dil ki har kisi se rehti hain,
Lekin unn ranjishon mein har kisis ka khoon baha de yeh sahi nahi!!!

Maana kisi se khoon ka rishta nahi apna,
Lekin unn rishton ke khatir khoon baha dena gunaah toh nahi!!!

Kuch kadamo ki aahat se darr jaate hai gharonde sapno ke,
Lekin uss darr ko hataa ke sapne dekhna koi gunaah toh nahi!!!

Kisi se gila nahi sikhwa nahi na hi nafrat kiya karte hain,
Mohabbat mein jeena ya maara koi gunaah toh nahi!!!

Khud ke liye Aazaadiyan dhundne nikle hain,
Lekin jaana keen raaston pe hai yeh pata nahin!!!




By, Dikshit

She Left U But She Still Love you!!!

Never question that she loved you. Because she did. But she knew that if she stayed with you, she would never be able to spread out her own wings. And she knew if she stayed, she would eventually resent you.

It’s not because she didn’t adore you. But it’s because she didn’t picture a future with you and she needed to be free. Free from your love. Free from the ties. Free from the ropes that bound her.

She needed to run from the life she knew that does not have any future. She needed to run not because she had to, but because she wanted to.

She didn’t do it out of hatred or out of spite. She didn’t do it out of selfishness. She did it, because she wanted to live the best life that she possibly could. And she couldn’t do that by staying with you.

Don’t think that it wasn’t hard for her. Don’t think that it wasn’t heartbreaking to her. Because her heart broke especially when she had to walk away from you.

But as hard as it was to leave you, she knew it was the best decision she could ever make. For herself. Not for you.

The time spend with you, she was comfortable. She was content. She was happy. But she needed much more than that. She needed your caring, your unconditional love, your commitment, your emotional touch and importantly your name after her.

She is the type of girl to run after what she wants in life which is exactly what she did with you. But she did for the sanity of her soul, for the pounding of her heart, for the oxygen in her lungs. To lift that weight off. The weight of her loves, her spaces and herself.

She needed to leave you because she needed to change herself. Not for you. Not for her parents not for her friends. But for her.

She had to leave you in order to be a happier person. Because with you, she was on the ground. But alone? But after leaving you she can finally fly. And she can soar without being afraid of falling.

By – Dikshit










Thinking About You!!!!!

I wish I could shut off my mind when it comes to you, close my eyes and breathe and not hear the sound of my thoughts crashing against the insides of my skull. I wish I didn’t lay awake at night, over thinking every little thing, re-remembering conversations we’ve had, inserting unspoken words into every sentence.

I wish I didn’t have to pretend I was okay, all the while hushing the little voices in my head. I wish I didn’t have to force myself to take deep breaths, to slow down, to stop letting the way I’ve always processed and analyzed my life lead the way I love.

I wish I didn’t spend so much time fighting my heart about you.

Because what my mind doesn’t understand, is the way your skin feels under my fingertips, how your hands are warm and strong and alive under my palms. What my mind doesn’t understand is that your eyes make me feel dizzy, that your laugh makes a smile unconsciously split across my face. a wild heartbeat, the passion of a kiss, the soft calm of simply hearing someone’s voice—love.

There are some things you just can’t analyze, can’t make sense of, can’t over think because once you do, the magic’s lost. And that’s my biggest fear with you, that I’ll lose all that I crave so much, simply because I can’t stop my stupid mind from thinking you away.

I wish I could just stop. Stop worrying so much about where we’re going, who we’ll be, and just exist in the moment with you. Stop imagining all the ways we could unfold, all the ways you’ll run, all the ways I’ve always been, and always will be too much.

I wish I could stop telling myself that I’m somehow less, that you’re somehow no longer interested, that we’re somehow going to fall apart and I’ll have to find my footing again. I wish my mind didn’t spin me in circles, making me so disoriented I can no longer remember how to simply be.

I don’t know how to stop my mind from wondering, questioning, over thinking, but. I guess I’ll start slowly letting go of the past, of the doubt, of the blanket of fear I’ve carried on my shoulders and stand before you, open and willing to let you in.

By, Dikshit

“A Chance”

I am not asking for a fairy tale. I am not asking for a love story. I am not asking for forever. All I ever need is a chance. All I ever want is more time with you.

I want to spend more time with you because there’s so much I want to tell you and so much I want to ask you. I want to see your softer side. I want to describe exactly how I make you feel and why I think you’re so special. I want to tell you how incredible I think you are.

I want to be there for when you’re down and fill the void that’s been haunting you, fill the emptiness you feel inside and put an end to your lonely nights. Even though I am lonely, I never really look for just anyone to fill that void. I am waiting to meet someone who intrigues me, someone who moves me, someone who makes me look forward to tomorrow. And I found all that in you. At least that’s what I felt and I want you to know.

I simply want a chance you give other. I want one date. I want an opportunity to have a deep conversation with you. I want to go dancing with you, I want to have fun with you, I want to meet your friends, I want to learn your favorite songs, movies, and which team you secretly root for. I just want to be your side; as a friend or maybe more. I want to be a part of your life or maybe a part of your heart.

I don’t understand how you can make such a decision base on a few shallow interactions or what others have said about you. But there’s only so much I can do. I tried to get you to spend more time with me but you kept pushing me away. I tried to show you that I cares about you and your story but you kept making me feel like I’s not worth your time.

And I want to spend time with you but I am tired of asking you for the easiest thing you could give me — “A Chance”. The chance that you give to everyone else.



By, Dikshit